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i know you didnt make this yourself, infact you just copied a tutorial on flashkit and changed the spaceships, but come on man if your going to do that you might as well change the destruct sequences as well. i know that it is a tutorial on flashkit as i have used it myself and built a game like this from it and you didnt even use the tutorial, you just downloaded the file and went from there. oh and one more thing, you dont even have the skills to change the code so that the fire comes out the front and not in some random place in the middle of the ship. o well at least you made a small effort to hide your plagiarism, if you had changed the game over screen, the enemy ships blowing up sequence, changed the code so that the speed wasnt the same, made the planet style more different to his, and used different stars you might have fooled me but atleast you got your own music. next time your doing a tutorial, make it your own